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Please be aware that due to postage restrictions we are unable (at the moment) to send rebreathers through the post. You will have to drop them in to us. If you have a large collection, please let us know - we may be able to send the Obsequio van!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Rebreather Servicing

If you are a more technical diver, you may have a rebreather. Don't worry, we can fully service the entire kit quickly and get you back to diving (and looking cool while doing it!). 

We service oxygen, semi-closed circuit and closed circuit rebreathers, making sure that every component is thoroughly cleaned and perfectly balanced to provide you with the maximum gas efficiency.

The First Rebreather

Most people believe that the first rebreather was developed by Pierre Sicard in 1849, however the principle of rebreathers was employed almost 230 years prior to Sicard's prototype. In 1620 a Dutchman named Cornelius Drebbel made an oar powered submarine. To prevent oxygen deficiencies becoming a problem he burnt (read thermally decomposed) saltpetre to generate oxygen. The generated potassium oxide absorbed the carbon dioxide creating a rudimentary rebreather. 


Our hats off to him, we don't think that we would have the guts to try it. We will stick with our oxygen sensors!   

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