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Our Mission

Here at Obsequio we strive to be the hassle free solution for your dive equipment servicing needs. This means we want to turn around your equipment as quickly as possible whilst still maintaining our high standards of servicing.

A Continuing Legacy

We took over Angus Diving Services in 2016 and changed our name to Obsequio [Ob-see-kwee-o] (which means 'compliance' in Latin) to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring your equipment is completely safe. By using our strong links to both the commercial diving industry and to the HSE, we forged ahead with building and improving the services that we offer.

We strive for perfection in all that we do, and want you to have complete peace of mind over your gear. We treat all equipment as if it is our own, and so we complete all work to the relevant British Standards. After all we wouldn't dive with anything less!

Looking Forward

We now service all major diving gear including commercial diving equipment. We are constantly growing, learning and improving our business to provide a single point of contact for all your diving needs. 

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